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A Nearly Perfect Day!

Yesterday was literally a nearly perfect day. My sister and I went out to Swag's East for our first group one together. I've been to a few and she's been to a few but our schedules rarely line up for the both of us to be able to go together. They were doing 5, 8 or 10 mile routes. I chose the 5 and Alexis was planning on 8. It was pouring rain when I got up but by the time we got there it was starting to ease up a bit. It was in the mid 60s with a breeze so I wasn't thrilled to be running in the rain. Where was it when I needed it during those 6am 90 degree days?! Anyhow, off we went and the rain let up after about a mile or so and about 2 miles in the clouds started to break and the sun came out. It was really fun having my sister around and somehow I managed to keep a conversational pace throughout. I tried to go out slow since I'd swam over a mile the day before (for the first time! High Five!) and hit the first mile right on 12 minutes. It still seems so fast to me since only a few months ago I was hitting 15 minute miles huffing and puffing (amazing what 2 years of inactivity can do to a person). Anyway, I continued my intervals, 8 min/1 min throughout but then I committed a cardinal sin, around 2.5 miles I said it, "This is kinda starting to suck." That made the next half mile or so actually suck but I quickly rerouted my thoughts and pushed through. I'd backed off my pace to around 13min and made it back (getting a little lost) logging just over 5 miles. After the run, it was time for breakfast so we headed over to Highland Morning which just so happens to be our favorite spot. If you need a gluten free, vegetarian friendly or just entirely delicious and affordable meal, go there. Now.

So home we went for naps (which didn't work out for me and that's why it was a nearly perfect day) and after a few hours it was time to go *drum roll please* BIKE SHOPPING! Long story short, I fell into a few dollars and was able to get my bike! I'd seen a lot of sales and deals on the Scheller's Fitness and Cycling website and Facebook page so we headed there. I'd done my homework so that I wouldn't look like an idiot or be oversold. The employee walked over and I was ready. 

Me: I'm looking for a Trek Lexa...I think
Employee: What's your budget?
Me: I want to stay under $1000
Employee: We can do that.

How easy was that? He pulled down the lowest grade bike and asked me what my plans were so I talked about tris and all that stuff. He also showed me the mid grade and highest and the best part, I got to take them all for a ride! Good lord were they fast, light bikes! At least in comparison to what I'm used to. The high grade was out of my price range but the difference between the low and mid was enough to make me shell out a bit more cash and decide on the Lexa S with a black and gold color scheme. A little something like this:


Of course the location I was at didn't have the exact bike so it is being sent in Monday and should be built by Wednesday or Thursday of next week. I can't wait to bring her home and get out on the road!

After Scheller's we made a trip to Fleet Feet where Alexis got some new running shoes (Score!) and then went over to Paul's Fruit Market. If you don't already know, I'm a total produce snob and pretty much only eat fruits and veggies from farmer's markets or Paul's. Then we made one last stop at Big Lots and home I went to get ready for movie night with Tyler! We went to see The Words (I finally got to pick a movie) and it was pretty good. Back home we went and I finally got to lay down and relax. All in all, a great day even though it was almost entirely centered around fitness. What can I say, I'm a Tri Freak!


  1. Dang that is a great day! I'm so jealous of your bike! I tested out a Lexa S a couple months ago and if was fantastic.

  2. [...] last time I ran 5 miles it took around 1:09 (now do you believe me when I say I’m slow?) which I was pretty happy with [...]


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