Monday, June 3, 2013

Salute The Colonel

Today marks 3 years for me and The Colonel except that's kind of a made up date because 6 months in, we couldn't remember the exact day we became a couple so we just thought June 3rd sounded good. We don't have a great "and that's how we met" story other than we were both Kentuckians who happened upon each other in Dallas. From the start I'd been trying to lose him but haven't quite been able to shake him yet. The salesman that he is, we're not sure if we actually like each other still or if he just keeps selling us both on the idea of liking each other. Either way it's been working so far.

I'm not terribly sappy or good with words (wrote the blogger) when it comes to this sort of stuff. But I would like to say Thank You and I'm Sorry to my dear Colonel for various things because when you spend a lot of time with someone, especially if you plan to continue spending more time with them, you've got to learn to repeat those two phrases because in today's world they're never said enough.


  1. Thank you for the last 3 years, love you!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You two are very cute together. =)

  3. aahh - you two are adorable together :) Sometimes you just can't shake 'em :) Here's to many years together!