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Giveaway Winner, (Non) Marathoning and Getting Married

CONGRATULATIONS to Elena who won the Group Giveaway sponsored by Kaliwood! Elena is in for some fun goodies so next time make sure you enter so you can get in on the action!

Now for your regularly scheduled programming....

Hi there, another absence I apologize for but my life has been crazy in good and bad ways. First with the bad:
  • I'm officially about 3 weeks out from the marathon and still can't really run because my leg is not getting any better. Who runs a marathon after 6 weeks of slow, sporadic and moderately painful run/jogs? This girl. Should be a spectacle.
  • I'm experiencing some PTSD after the Tri for Sight and am afraid to swim because I'm afraid of sharing a pool lane with someone. It's starting to really interfere with my swimming which I'm going to need to start doing more of since I'm planning that 70.3.
  • I have not actually picked a 70.3. I was originally on board for Rev3 Cedar Point. Which then became the NashVegas Triathlon. Which became Ironman 70.3 Augusta. Which became Ironman 70.3 Raleigh. Which became Rev3 Williamsburg. Which became Rev3 Maine.
  • I am 150% overwhelmed with work (2 jobs) and am pretty sure both the school and I made a terrible decision in hiring me as the speech coach. I basically never stop until I fall asleep on the couch with a script in my hands.
  • Did I mention I can't run?
Of course I could dwell for days on the negative but I thought a bullet list would keep me from falling too far down the Negative Nancy rabbit hole. Onto the good:
  • I got married on Friday, a year to the day earlier than that wedding we were going to have and I'm positive it's the best decision I've ever made. Even better than buying a Ninja or adding spinach to everything.
  • I'm currently sitting at my lowest weight (168) since I started paying attention to my weight after college. The first time I really decided to acknowledge my weight gain was at the doctor's office a couple years ago and I was 174 and I had to pass 200 before I really decided to care about it. So 168 is awesome.
  • The Colonel and I in proper married couple form shopped for stuff for the house on Saturday and it was like Christmas opening and putting everything away.
  • I got sweet potatoes at the Farmer's Market which means the return of sweet potato walnut muffins!
  • I'm getting my security deposit back from the old apartment this week!
  • I managed a solid 2 hour workout with my sister yesterday which I desperately needed. So what if that means I didn't finish my work for practice this afternoon? 
So, yeah. That's what's been going on. A lot of crazy as usual and a lot of good outweighing the bad although sometimes it's hard to remember that's the case.


  1. CONGRATS ON YOUR MARRIAGE! I know it's all caps, but I'm that excited. I think it was a great decision and I'm so happy for you.

    Your positive list is so big! That's awesome. And I want that sweetpotato muffin recipe.

    Yay 168! Great job!

  2. Even better then buying a Ninja... yahoo!!!! That's a good decision then :) (That made me laugh)... & yes, Spinach in everything IS a good thing. That's a close 2nd to marriage :)

    Congrats again!


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