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Murphy's Law

I am totally experiencing the Murphy's Law of marathon training. The race is a month away and I haven't run longer than 16 miles. I haven't run consistently in 2 weeks. I ran the 5K Sunday as part of the tri but when I tried 5 miles on Tuesday I made it 2.5 before the mysterious leg pain reared its ugly head. I decided to take it easy and hold out for the 18 miles scheduled on Saturday (aka today). I'd really like to say I'm coming to you from a sore and satisfied place but I'm not. There was another wrench thrown in.

Remember that head on collision I had in the pool during the Tri for Sight? No big deal right? I drove back home Sunday and things were fine. Had a little headache, neck and left shoulder were a little stiff but nothing new for after a race. I took Monday off from workouts which depressed me of course and then had the failed run Tuesday. Tuesday morning my neck was incredibly sore and I figured I'd slept on it wrong plus I'm always a little tight through my neck and shoulders after a swim/bike. Wednesday was worse in the pain department but not bad enough to care. Just some icy hot. I also had a headache that had been lingering but again, no big deal. Something is always hurting on me so I just ignore things. Thursday I had a headache and sore neck still and forgot my ibuprofen at home so I just sucked it up. Reasonable right? Wrong. By 2:00 I was having the second worse headache of my life and was actually thinking it could be meningitis (again!). I went to my trusty WebMD for a diagnosis and though I always expect "CANCER" and "FIBROMYALGIA" to pop up I was unprepared for what I actually got which was "SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!" So I tried to enter different symptoms I was having and got the same message. Hmm. So I called my significantly more reliable than WebMD nurse sister and gingerly drove home from work instead of to job #2. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared. My sister mentioned that time I crashed into someone head first in the pool which I had totally forgotten about! I went home and took some medicine and laid down which helped but definitely wasn't a cure. Once The Colonel got home we started talking about what had happened over the week to see if we could figure things out. That was when I realized I literally couldn't remember anything about Sunday night or Monday. With some cues I vaguely remembered a couple of things but not much. That's probably not normal. Friday I was feeling rough so decided not to go to job #1 and finally go to the doctor. Long story short, I have a cervical sprain and torn muscle on my left side that connects the neck to the head, hence the headaches. I also probably had a concussion but was way out of the danger zone so there's nothing to do there. I've got an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer and CAN'T DO ANYTHING.

What does that new wrench mean? Week number 3 of missing a long run. No matter what I'm running next Saturday. I have to. I knew training was going a bit too well but didn't think I'd get punished for it. Am I being dramatic? Probably. But am I miserable? Absolutely. I'm getting engagement pictures done today which I'm unfortunately not at all excited about since I haven't had time to get my hair cut in about a billion years, have maybe only 5 articles of clothing that actually fit and, oh yeah, I hate pictures. I am excited to meet the photographer face to face though because we're already blogging, dailymile and Facebook friends! It'll be fun to see her in real life and it's at least a lovely day.

So here's to yet another week of no running except this time no swimming or biking either. I'll tell you friends, it won't be pretty. I'm already grouchy and can feel my muscles turning into mush (dramatic much?). I was so excited about this marathon and now it just keeps getting stepped on. I really hope I'm not going to have a repeat of the God-awful Derby Festival Mini with a bathroom break and back injury that destroyed my race.

Here's hoping.

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