Thursday, September 19, 2013


Quick note to let you know about a fun giveaway I'm a part of this week! For my portion, I'm giving away 6 tubes of ZipFizz (3 fruit punch flavored, 3 orange soda). I used ZipFizz during a long run a couple of times and found it a little sweet for my tastes but The Colonel liked it and it did do its job of providing energy. Designed as a 5 Hour Energy alternative, ZipFizz is vegan (yay!) and comes in a powder form that just needs to be mixed with 16 oz of water. It's also not syrupy or chalky like some drink mixes can be. I got a great deal on some at the Ironman Louisville expo and even though I don't love it for long runs (it's also a teensy bit carbonated) I'd say it's a nice little energy booster. *Disclaimer: It IS an energy drink! So please treat it with the respect any caffeinated beverage deserves and drink responsibly. Also, I am in no way being compensated for my opinions and my opinions are just that. See below on how to enter and thank the lady in Kaliwood who put this all together!

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