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Inspiring Inspirational Inspiration

That pretty much sums up my weekend.

I'm a big fan of being inspired. I love watching documentaries and becoming obsessed with the subjects and their relentless pursuit of whatever random feat despite their randomly difficult circumstances. There's nothing like watching someone overcome something. Anything. I would watch a documentary of an aspiring hand model getting rid of a hangnail in order to compete in the World Amateur Hand Modeling Championships and start googling nail technician programs so that I could someday be equipped with the necessary tools to aid other aspiring hand models in the future. Not only am I easily inspired, but I also like to be involved.

The problem with my obsession with inspiration is that it always leaves me wanting more. It makes me want to go harder, faster, longer! *insert our collective immature giggles here* As I sit here fresh from watching 10 hours of coverage of the Ironman World Championships on Saturday and 2 hours of the Chicago Marathon this morning it leaves me having a hard time getting excited over my own impending accomplishments. I'm now less than one full week away from the marathon I've been obsessing over for months and in exactly one week from this moment I'll hopefully be doing exactly this. Laying on my couch with my dog and The Colonel, watching television and possibly blogging. The only difference is that instead of sitting here inspired and looking for more, I'll have been the one completing the inspiring feat and hopefully I'll be at rest. Not like dead laid to rest but I won't be searching, for at least one day. Maybe two. I'm not chomping the bit to jump into my next set of training but I am excited to increase some swimming and biking and add in all those fun things I got too busy for like yoga and pilates (ughhhhhhh).

Basically, although I'm super excited to race, I'm also excited to put the marathon to bed and see what's next. I know I have Raleigh looming in the distance but I'm ready to get into a new routine that isn't 4 days of hard, ass kicking, quad numbing, hamstring tightening running. I'm ready to smell like chlorine and wear curly hair, have a sore butt and rediscover my abdominal muscles. I'm ready to take some pressure off my hip and talk about something other than the monster.

As I said on Facebook this evening:
One week from now I'll be happily relaxing and entering recovery mode after a great race at the Louisville's Dream Factory Marathon and Half. It's incredible to think that after 3 years (more than 2 of which saying "I'll never do that again") I find myself one week away from a second 26.2 mile race. I may be 20 pounds heavier than the first time but I'm quite literally in the best shape of my life this time around and more appreciative than ever about what the time away from and the time spent marathon training has taught me about myself. My time won't be anything to brag about but finishing this time will feel better than I can even imagine right now. This is also a reminder to start designing your "Go Rennay!" signs now.


  1. HAHA... I'm the same way about documentaries. I watched the one about the President's Official Photographer... that's my goal now! :)

    Cant wait to hear your recap of your race!!!


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