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Marathon Hangover

Well it was only a matter of time before the post-marathon blues set in. Earlier this week I was too exhausted to recognize what was happening but this morning I figured it out (with some much needed help from Jess) that it is the Marathon Hangover! The hangover is closely related to the Marathon Monster but it's much sadder. It's essentially the death of the Monster who is so desperately trying to hang on and beg for higher mileage to sustain its life. Alas, the Monster eventually loses, the mileage dwindles and you're left feeling sad, fat and bored.


Or maybe that's just me.

Am I the only one who needs a goal to stay motivated? I don't exercise for the sake of exercise and being healthy although I'd really like that to be the case. Honestly, I run for the races. I train to accomplish something. Without a race I literally just go through the motions. I can ride my bike but I'm not going to push up hills or anything. I'll lift weights but not to have sculpted arms, just because I know I'm supposed to. Now if a race is coming I'll totally justify pilates (which I hate, please teach me to love it) because it'll strengthen my core for swimming/biking/running. I hate going through the motions.

I really love the "Practice like you perform" motto and scream it at my speech team kids repeatedly just like my marching band instructor used to scream it at us. What's the point of practicing without a performance?

My way of thinking lands me here after every big race. Contemplating a move to New Mexico or Oregon, bored hungry, and threatening to quit my job to start my own business. None of these things are reasonable but when I inevitably and constantly ask myself "What's Next?" I got nothing. But I do know it has to be HUGE!

I say all of that to say I'm still nowhere in my what to do next question. I have got to improve on the bike but don't really know where to start. I need to do some serious trail running so I'm read for a trail half marathon...someday. And I need to suck it up and finally see someone about my 2 month old quad injury before it starts interfering with Raleigh preparations. Speaking of Raleigh, who wants to hear about my coach?!

That will have to wait. I've got to look at more gifs and get back to you later.



  1. That is the saddest kitty! Here is what I suggest your new plan be: 1. Get the doc about that quad 2. then when you ARE CLEARED start sufferfest 3. schedule yourself 1 trail run a week. When you feel feisty, bump it up to two. 4. Everyone wants to hear about your coach! :)

  2. I love gif's :)
    I am totally with you... if I don't have a race to keep ahead of me like a dangling carrot, I'll say screw it...

  3. I have to have a goal to stay motivated or I would just sit right here on my couch and read about all the other active people meeting their goals. As for pilates, I need someone to teach me to love it too. I go to my pilates class every Monday but I hate every minute I'm in there. Alas, that's the only way my core is going to get worked. I hope your post marathon blues pass quickly. =)


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