Thursday, July 17, 2014

It Takes a Village

I have to start things off with a confession.

I ate a  second lunch yesterday and I'm not even sorry.

I love training. I love needing ridiculous amounts of endurance activity that require copious amounts of glycogen storage just to stay sane. I unfortunately don't love replenishing those stores which is why I'm now the proud client of a registered dietitian!

With that in mind, it occurred to me that I may finally have the proper team in place to make a few really BIG fitness related dreams into realistic goals that can actually be accomplished. I know a lot of people have crazy awesome goals (fitness related or not) but there are often a series of perceived barriers that get in the way.

Speaking from a fitness perspective (since that's how we roll around here) no man is an island. If you have big goals, you're going to need help. The number one most important part of making a dream come true is to assess the barriers and put a full team together to tackle those issues one by one.

Everybody has their own set of issues but for me, the biggest one is nutrition. It's no secret that I'm an anomaly who doesn't like to eat. But especially after the femur break heard around the world I learned that there's no way I can reach for my more extreme, more intense and more time consuming fitness goals without getting things figured out. I'm also slightly injury prone and the more I learn the more I realize how preventable so many injuries are if you just take the time to do things right. My broken leg last year lead to a janky hip combined with pre-existing plantar fasciitis. Taking care of your health is more than just working out, it's taking care of everything. So now, I present to you, my team.

For The Mind:
  • The wonderful folks at Shelby Counseling Associates. Yes, I have a therapist and she is wonderful. I've probably mentioned before that I go back and forth with depression and self esteem issues so instead of battling alone I called in the pros and am doing a lot better from my weekly sessions.
  • Friends. I don't have a lot of them (by choice) but the ones I have are solid and listen to my never ending stories.
  • The Colonel. He keeps me as sane as he can and is constantly supporting every new venture regardless of how outlandish or time consuming it may be.
For the Body:
These people are in no way my sponsors, they're just businesses and groups who are helping me along and I highly recommend everyone have a team around them too. Whatever type of goal you have, you're going to need a support system so write down the barriers and get to work! We're not getting any younger!


  1. I'm so glad you posted this! i think a lot of people think these big goals happen in a vacuum and that it's just about muscling through. I"m glad you've got a team behind you!

  2. I want to check out the dietician!!!

  3. Great post! I need to check out the Louisville Landsharks.