Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Funday and a Serious Question

I should probably confess that I don't hate Mondays. I guess I don't like them but I definitely don't hate them. Today has actually been fun though because this morning I met with my new dietitian and she says she's going to make sure I stop breaking bones. I don't want to turn that into a bad habit.

How was your weekend? I actually had a pretty good one and don't remember a lot of it. Not because I was drunk but because it wasn't terribly eventful which is just the way I like them. I went to the movies Friday and saw Lucy which did a great job of making my life seem inferior then I met up with a new person for a Saturday long run. I haven't talked about it much but yes, I'm still doing that marathon running thing. And I love, love, LOVE long shorts. No thanks 4 inch inseam!

I'm always super nervous about new people or even doing new things with people I already know so I was up bright and early from anxiety alone. I tried out my fancy new protein shake recipe to see how it would do but only drank about a quarter of it. I drove to the park and met up with Patti from my tri club for 9 miles. She's been running in Louisville for years and was happy to show me a new route so I didn't get too bored. She called it the "hilly 8" which I later learned was actually 10 but we managed to cut to make 9. I normally shy away from running hilly long runs until I get into double digits and they become unavoidable but I decided to really man up and do it. Since we've never run together we ended up having a lot to say and talked for the first couple of miles. I didn't even realize I was skipping my intervals until into the second or third mile when we stopped for the restrooms. I told Patti I normally run 5/1s and she said she would do whatever I wanted. I was feeling great though so decided to just keep an easy jog and see how it went. After a little while my contact did something weird in my eye and as I tried to fix it it just popped out. I tried once or twice to put it back in then just gave up and trashed both of them on the side of the road. Good thing my eyes aren't too bad! I also keep glasses in my car so relax, nobody was hurt on the drive home.

I took maybe 2 or 3 walk breaks throughout and it was only because I'd drink to much and get a side stitch. My legs were actually feeling great even going into the last mile which had a few smaller climbs. I'm so glad I looked for a new friend to run with and hope to keep adding people to make long runs more entertaining. Since my sister isn't marathoning this year I know eventually she won't want to do all of my runs with me (ahem, 20 miler anyone?) so I'm trying to spread the love and maybe I'll have some folks to call up when the going gets long. I also finished that smoothie when I got home. In case you missed it, here's a recap of week 4.

Now to the important stuff. I'm taking on the task of starting a walking club/group at my church and want a little feedback. What do you think would make you want to join us? (hypothetically if you're not nearby) Or any walking club? What types of things would you like to see? I've got a few ideas in mind and am really excited to get things going but I do want it to be something enjoyable and that people will keep coming back to. Share your words of wisdom!


  1. Look at you stepping out of your comfort zone running with new people AND starting a walking club? You're awesome!
    I'd come just because... you don't see many walking clubs anymore. What church do you go to? If you start it up, I may join in myself :)