Thursday, November 6, 2014

Savannah or Bust

You all seemed to love my marathon bucket list post and that is awesome because now I know who to call to join me at which race. And who to tag along with. So thanks for that :)


One race that was missing from the list but will hopefully be no less awesome is the Rock 'n' Roll Savannah marathon that I'm running this weekend!


When I was working at the running shoe store I met one of my very favorite people, we'll call her E for identity protection although you can just read her blog and you'll learn everything about how awesome she is. Anyway, we were hanging out at work during a particularly slow period and somehow she happened upon this race and revealed that it would be taking place on her birthday. Now she is younger than me but a much more accomplished runner so she quickly signed up and then decided to recruit friends to come along. We were close to renting a van, gathering anyone who could be gathered and driving down to make this the most epic racing experience ever but then things changed. E moved to North Carolina to work for Saucony (yes, I'm jealous) and both of us left the running shop. I had always remembered this race existed and planned on doing it yet somehow I didn't actually register until way later. Very unlike me.

Way too much money later I was all set with registration, a travel buddy (since E no longer lives in Louisville and we'll have to meet there) I am super pumped about being able to recruit and a place to stay that may or may not be in South Carolina. 

Because this is now post A-race and I've been doing lots of fun new things for work I've totally slacked on checking out the course and preparing a strategy. I only recently learned where Savannah actually was (really far away) and am still unsure whether my legs have another marathon in them. I skipped TRX this week since it leaves my entire body sore for days and went out for a 5k Monday but otherwise I haven't actually done anything to prep for this race. Don't get me wrong, I fully respect the marathon distance! But this respect also meant that I had to play it safe and recover as completely as possible after running Indianapolis

Since E is amazing she has given me an out and we've both agreed that if I'm dying I can drop to the half. Luckily since I'm just now looking at the course map I've thoroughly studied the course map I know I'll have over 11 miles to decide how I feel. During my intense scrutiny of the course I didn't come across any crazy climbs although the elevation chart looks bizarre. But wait, is reverse altitude sickness a thing? Because I don't think I've ever been at an elevation of 6 before.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited me, E and our sherpa whose name doesn't start with an R (I'm terrible at protecting the names of the innocent) are about this trip! I definitely need some time away, I love to run and being in a car for 10 hours will hopefully give me plenty of time to get some serious work done and make next week much smoother!

Want to be in on the fun without the race (and travel)? Follow me on twitter, instagram or Facebook as me and E share our adventure LIVE! Yep, we're those people. Don't look for our Boston qualifier Saturday afternoon...

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So much for protecting the innocent...


  1. Safe travels and have a fun race! The distance is still shorter than an ironman ;)