Friday, November 14, 2014

Thanksgiving and Other Holiday Survival Tips

I think just about every blogger writes some tips for staying healthy and not gaining weight during the holidays so I thought I'd join in on the trend this year. I don't know about you, but I'll take all the help I can get!

RCM Personal Training (aka me) produces a monthly newsletter and guess what was found in November's edition?

Check out my top 3 tips for making it through holiday dinners and parties. Then hop over to big time runner and blogger Run Eat Repeat for some of hers as well.

1. Fill Your Plate

Yes, you read that correctly. A lot of times in our attempt to stay in control of our food we put an unrealistically small amount on our plate and praise ourselves for the empty space. Unfortunately, you're usually still hungry! Putting only a meager amount of your favorite foods on your plate will leave you unsatisfied and likely lead to overeating when you go back for seconds, pick at leftovers after dinner is over or give in to temptation and overcompensate with another food. You know how much you eat, fill the plate with a variety of foods in a quantity that won't leave your stomach growling over Thursday Night Football.

2. Play Favorites

Let me back track a little, while you should fill your plate with a variety of foods, make sure they're worth the splurge. If you wait all year for Aunt Lynn's stuffing and can't possibly walk away from a slice of Granny's cheesecake then by all means, save them a priority spot on the plate. On the other hand if a dinner roll is a dinner roll and all you need is a courtesy scoop of Cousin Terry's yams it might be worth the skip. Most people, especially during a family holiday dinner, are going to clear their plate so make sure the extra calories are worth it.

3. Have a Drink...or Two

With all the talk about food, there's never any talk about drinks during Thanksgiving. Drink some water! Drink a lot of water! Being well hydrated will make your body less likely to retain water from some of the excess sodium in your food and it will keep you from feeling like you're starving. Good hydration has many benefits during your everyday life but can be especially beneficial in regulating your metabolism and other bodily functions which can help keep you on an even keel during the ups and downs of a holiday break.


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  1. There are some, "only one time a year" foods. Definitely not to be mssed.