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Free for all Friday No. 2

We skipped our free for all last week which was disappointing. Lucky for you, we have a very special edition of Free for all Friday this week albeit without any food photos. Don't worry!

My dear friend Jen is having a baby girl in a mere 8 weeks and the other member of our threesome, Tiffany and I couldn't make her actual baby shower. But before you write us off as terrible friends, know that we created a surprise shower of sorts for her at Cheddar's. Tiffany and I sent texts back and forth leading up to figure out what we should do and what time and all. She and Jen live quite a ways away from me yet somehow still kind of in Louisville? So I came up with the clever ruse that I'd be up in her neck of the woods for a work event and wanted to meet up for dinner or something so I could drop off her gift since I couldn't make the shower. Work takes me towards that area of town quite often so it wasn't unusual. Jen was up for it and the plan was set.

I left work on Friday and after my afternoon acupuncture went straight to Target to add to my gift. I'd picked up a few things but after not being able to actually make the shower decided I needed to step up my game. Good Lord there was a lot of pink in my cart but I was pretty proud of my performance. I am hoping though that either no one else I know has a baby or that I get better at this because even with a registry I have no idea what I'm doing. If it didn't tell me what aisle to go to I'd still be in the store right now. After that I was off to pick up balloons. Those were much easier. The woman asked me the occasion, I told her, and BAM! 4 pink "It's a Girl!" baby themed balloons were ready to go. Even the weight they were tied to was baby themed. The woman helping me seemed far more skilled in this area than I was.

I only had to stop twice on the drive home to tie the balloons to some kind of door handle/seat lever/seat belt so that I could do menial tasks like change lanes. I got home in time to change and feed and walk the dog before heading out. Me and Tiffany were meeting a half hour early so we could hopefully get a table and have the balloons set up before Jen got there. Jen is an early bird so we had to be excessively early which ended up being a good thing since there was a wait. Jen sent a text saying she had called the restaurant and there was a wait but I told her Tiffany had gotten there early...another lie.

I'd like to think she was surprised when she got there. Her response was "Well this isn't embarrassing." Isn't she awesome? I'm not sure we could be friends if she'd started crying or something. But anyway, there were some creeps like the woman who asked who was pregnant (in a way that may have meant me and Tiffany are fat) and what she was having...despite the pink "It's a Girl!" balloons. People are real weird.

But all in all it was a really fun time. We talked about Evelyn (that's her baby's name...see? I listen!) some but not so much that I stabbed my hand repeatedly with a butter knife (she knows me well) and talked about all the things we normally talk about too. I'm really happy we were able to talk about the whole she's gonna be a mom thing but also Tiffany's hysterically awful date and my random training stories. I know when little Evelyn comes things will change but I'd like to think Jen having a baby is helping me to grow up. And she promised not to make me hold the baby...or baby sit...ever.

As far as the free for all, we started with chips and queso (which apparently pregnant people can't eat?). Then for dinner I ate the baked spasagna with marinara and garlic bread and unsweet tea. I only ate maybe a third of it and half the bread but it was good. After that I choked down a Gigi's cupcake so I could be festive. The amount of icing was obscene and I wasn't really in a cupcake mood but you know, when in Rome. All in all it was really fun. After losing 6 pounds from being sick, I really wouldn't mind putting a couple back on. Enjoy the pics!




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