Saturday, January 5, 2013

Free for all Friday

So I have adopted a *hopefully* new habit. It's called Free for all Friday and it includes getting a food pass for one meal on Friday. I used to be pretty good at eating right for pretty much every meal except for one a week but kind of got out of the habit and it's hurt my weight loss efforts a bit. Just like running where I can run "fast" (for me) for a set amount of time knowing I'll get a break for a minute after the hard effort, I can eat great all week knowing that I'll get that one magical fat filled meal on Friday night. Behold! My Free for all Friday dinner at Chili's:

ImageLoaded Cheese Fries (split 3 ways) - sans sour cream and bacon, ranch on the side

ImageVeggie Burger with Cheese and more French Fries...I love french fries

I barely made it out alive. And didn't finish it all but I definitely put in some serious time with this meal. And it was totally worth it. Not surprisingly, Free for all Friday is followed by Sufferfest Saturday (which may or may not include trainer rides with The Sufferfest). Sometimes Sufferfest Saturday will be a long run. Other times it'll be a hellish ride. Today, it was the latter. I am grossly undertrained on my bike so since there's a 24+ mile ride looming on race day and *hopefully* participation in the Old Kentucky Home Bike Tour this fall I decided to get my ass in gear. And whatever my ass did, it's sore now. My buddy Robbie V. was nice enough to stop by and race with me:

ImageCompliments of my CycleOps trainer :)

And here's the audience I had during the ride and afterwards while attempting to sit down with my sore butt, shredded abs from Autumn leading our ab session at the gym and salty sweat covered face:

ImageHappy Weekend Everybody!

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  1. I have decided that cats' generic face looks pretty judgemental. It's like I'm walking around the house with two furry ppl judging me. This picture totally says that lol.