Saturday, January 26, 2013

Free for all Friday No. 3

Let's move on from the previous post shall we? Here we are 4 weeks into January and wouldn't you know it, another free for all Friday has occurred! What's really exciting about my free for all is that sometimes I don't even really feel like eating burgers and fries and deep dish pizza. Actually, most times I don't feel like eating that stuff which is weird and fantastic. But last night I treated The Colonel to dinner and a movie. I finished reading my book by 6:15 yesterday and because it was before 8 pm (my deadline) and since I have all weekend off I decided we'd go see Gangster Squad (which The Colonel has been DYING to see). But before the movie we went to a tried and true little spot called El Nopal. It is one of my favorite places and I always get nachos with refried beans. And on very special nights (like a free for all Friday) I treat myself to a 12oz strawberry daiquiri. The photos below are AFTER I "finished" my food. I'll warn you, it's pitiful. I used to be able to destroy a plate of nachos...actually I could destroy lots of plates of lots of things. And as far as a drink, especially one with whipped cream, I could beyond destroy that. I used to eat whipped cream by the can in my freshman dorm room. Anyhow, I think we can actually call this progress. Enjoy the photos and I'll be writing a paper about Reconstructing Beirut.

ImageNachos with Beans...didn't even make a dent

ImageDaiquiri with a lot of whipped cream

ImageHe may be a bit disappointed with my performance...

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