Monday, October 6, 2014

Graze Box - Try it FREE!

Hey friends!

Super excited to tell you about a new thing I'm totally into and to of course, pass the info on to you!

A few weeks ago I was watching tv and a commercial came on for something called a Graze Box. Somehow it managed to get my attention and keep it long enough for me to visit the website and look around. The way it works is you can order these boxes and they come with 4 portioned snacks. Since I'm always looking for ways to add variety to my incredibly boring diet I was excited to try some new things. What I really liked about this was the price ($6.99 per box including shipping) and the transparency. They provide nutrition facts and an ingredient list with every box so you have the deets on what exactly is in your box. The biggest benefit is the convenience. I'm a lazy city girl so I love convenience so much I'm willing to pay for it. Just like I'll pay higher taxes to live in the city and not pay for trash pickup, I'll pay $6.99 for a box full of snacks that with a little lot of work and time I could probably make on my own. There's also no commitment so you can cancel or change your orders at any time.

When you sign up there are pictures and descriptions of all of their offerings and a rating system so you can determine what types of snacks you get. I love this because I can be a picky eater and I've always been afraid to sign up for things like this because I'm afraid I'll hate everything I get. The system allows you to pick "trash", "try", "like" or "love" as your rating on a particular food and you can even go into your account and "trash" an entire category like all spicy foods or snacks that contain milk. You can use the settings to avoid allergens like milk, nuts or gluten but they are not an allergen free company meaning cross contamination can occur. So if you have serious food allergies I would advise against using this service.

My absolute favorite part is that everything is currently vegetarian! Don't worry meat eaters, it's not just seeds (although I do get a seed mix in mine sometimes), there's also popcorn, nuts, berries, raw bars and flapjacks which are their version of a sort of granola bar (except way way better!) The boxes are mailed to you on whatever frequency and quantity you want them and because they're so awesome they gave me a coupon code to share with my friends!

Visit their website or Facebook page and sign up using my code: RENNAY9DB and get your 1st and 5th box free!

*Disclaimer - Graze did not sponsor or even know about this post. The thoughts and opinions are entirely my own based on my own experience.

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