Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marathon Music Playlist

With a mere 2 days and 20 hours left until race time, it's time for me to update my playlist!

Here's my current top 10 of must have songs but I want your input too! One of my favorite parts of road racing is the ipod playlist because you can unleash your inner teenager, give in to your guilty pleasure songs and have someone's soulful voice with you through the emotional marathon rollercoaster.

1. Taylor Swift - Shake it Off: I have no idea why I resisted this song for so long.

2. Fun - Carry On: A slow song, yes. But so perfect when I really really need to carry on.

3. Katy Perry - Roar: I hate this video. But who doesn't want to roar?

4. Kris Allen - Live Like We're Dying: This song is good at getting me to "snap out of it!" and remember why I'm doing what I'm doing. In running and in life...

5. Katy Perry - Firework: I like Katy Perry ok? Are there people who don't visualize finishing a race with this song playing?

6. Lil' Wayne feat. Drake - Right Above It: What is a running playlist without some rap you don't want your Grandma to know you listen to? 

7. Imagine Dragons - It's Time: Another slower song but I like the words and of course it's's race time!

8. Lupe Fiasco - Show Goes On: If you've heard this song, I feel like it explains itself. If you haven't give it a listen.

9. Flo Rida feat. Sia - Wild Ones: Flo Rida anything represents my inner party girl. This song was also the one playing when I was at a cheer station for the Derby mini a few years ago and decided to start running long again.

10. Pink - Try: There's no way I could ever not involve Pink. I love her madly. But more importantly, the line "just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die" plays perfectly into those last few miles or up that late hill (did I mention there's a hill right after mile 25?)

So what else do you have for me???? Obviously I have more than 10 songs on my playlist but these are my staples and the songs I almost never skip. Starting to get super pumped and ready to run!


  1. Some slow songs I think have a good beat to double time it when running.
    I am not a Taylor Swift fan either, but I do like that song :)

    1. I don't always use music to determine my pace. And if it's a long race I just choose songs I like because I'll go through so many different moods! Glad you're with me on Tay!